For Altamont
Check Out The Latest Installments To The Altamont Apparel Ltd. "Cut From A Different Cloth..." Video Series Featuring New Episodes With Photographer Eriberto Oriol, Filmed And Directed By Estevan Oriol.

Los Angeles, CA - A top art critic from The Los Angeles Times called Eriberto Oriol "a people's aesthete for his discerning eye." Eriberto's photos have a strong sense of perspective and composition. This formal sensibility merged with a gift for capturing the raw essence and realities of L.A. Latino street life was instilled in Eriberto's son, Estevan Oriol, at an early age. Estevan is now a renowned photographer and director in his own right. But, it was Eriberto who planted the seed, literally!

The Eriberto Oriol for Altamont collection is coming soon.

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