Ride Snowboards The first dump of the new season

Now Available!! Don`t sleep!!
Ride Crush 158Ride Agenda 156Ride Compact 147 womensRide Delta Movement black

Summer, winter?

Nowadays everything is all year long, so why wait for the best snowboarding has to offer for the new season.

Now in store the first dump of Ride snowboards & Ride bindings.

There are a lot of new things that will come this season, so better get ready to get back in class for some serious course of snowboard cliniqs and get your knowledge up to the level of mount Everest.

Last year some boards were all ready equiped with the ROCKER technology, but for this season everybody is on the Rocker tip. Easy riding, no hook ups when tricking out and even free riding gives a lot pleasure with this new anti camber technique.

Want to see all Ride Boards & Bindings we have right now? CLICK HERE
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