Be creative!
Airblaster Prijsvraag
The recession is going strong and all you see is sad faces and negative vibes in the media. We don't want to be a part of that crap. We want to bring happyfaces, and that's what we are going to do right now.. but we need a little help from your hand.

Airblaster loves Mustaches and so do we. That's why they gave us a big box of shreddy Airblaster goodies. Although we like Airblaster stuff very much, we want a smile on your face and make you happy with Airblaster.

The saying goes that snowboarders are creative people, but are you? This is your chance to prove us that you are a genius, a creative monster, a Bob Ross. All you have to do is make something FUN! This could be anything. You could draw a nice picture, shoot a photo, film a video, make a little flashmovie or paint a painting. Anything creative will do. The only rules in this competition are: It has to do something with Airblaster and Ninja's. So do whatever you want as long as the following ingredients are in it:

- Airblaster
- Ninja(s)
- Mustaches

The most creative submission will win the following:
- Ninja Suit
- Hypergalactic Airblaster Goggle
- Airleash

Till when?
We give you till 21 March.

There are more goodies for the second and third place, so there's more chance to win awesomeness.

Send in your submission at airblaster @ themustachio.com and make sure your name, age, full adress and country are in there as well. Don't forget to attach, upload or bring your file and give a little prescription in case it is way to creative for us to see what it is! Okay?

Good luck!

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